AI Pain Treatment-- Arthritis & more
AI Pain Treatment-- Arthritis & more
AI Pain Treatment-- Arthritis & more

AI Pain Treatment-- Arthritis & more


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The Bio-magnatic Wave, combined with Infrared Red Ray, can reach deaper layer and connector section. In 5 mins it ruduce inflammation thus release pain. Muscle and nerve can be rebuild if treated twice a week, if proper medicine are applied the same time.  

Price is for 30 mins treatment with herbal medicine. Or for one pain area.

What is pulsed EMF Therapy (PEMF)?

The is sometimes referred to as pulsed magnetic field therapy ( PMF), the principle is to generate a series of magnetic waves through electrical energy, into the injured tissue, each electromagnetic wave will become a subtle electronic signal to stimulate the cell repair.

Fractures and soft tissue damage will follow the following rules during the repair process:

1 hemostasis: clots and blood vessels will protect the same site from further injury;

2 Inflammation: The process of removing pathogens and cell fragments so that healthy cells can grow normally;

3 collagen, as well as cartilage tissue and lamellar bone (if fractured) accumulates gradually and eventually generates new tissue.

4 the newly generated organization begins to replace the original damaged part to normal work.

How does pulse electromagnetic therapy work in the above process? First we must understand how the cells in the body react when the body aches, fractures, or tissue damage. The above four stages are for cell response. PMF can enhance cell metabolism by beneficial effects of ion exchange between cells!

A specific explanation for "beneficial impact" is that the cells have both low concentrations of sodium and high levels of potassium ions that can help maintain the cell membrane potential -----that is to keep the remaining membrane potential at an advantage. Specifically, the repair process is:

  • Stimulates tissue, increases blood flow, reduces swelling, accelerates hemostasis and inflammation processes;
  • Thus, the body can enter the stage of soft tissue hyperplasia or bone structure repair faster.
  • This acceleration also reduces the pain caused by inflammation.

Centurioncompany PMFTSeries instruments are absolutely safe, painless and drug-free treatment options! Of course, you must understandthat PMF is not omnipotent, and that many factors affect the healing process.