Magic Cream All Purpose

Magic Cream All Purpose


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The blend of herbal ingredients used in Lanlay Magic Cream provides a soothing sensation for any kind of cuts, lesions, bruises, wounds, skin irritations, allergic reactions, rashes, nail infections or fungus, cold sores, psoriasis, mosquito or bees bites and warts.

It functions to nurture the antibodies naturally and heal the damaged skin. It is an amazing formula that can be used for multiple purposes. If applied on facial area it helps to enhance the beauty by increasing blood circulation and leaves the skin soft and smooth. It is effective in minimizing discoloration and reducing the appearance of dark spots as well as acne. The application of Lanlay Magic Cream is safe to be applied around the mouth area as it is made with all natural plant derivatives. Lanlay Magic Cream is ideal for athlete’s feet, can be used for itchiness around private parts as well as to cure eczema.

Directions:Apply dime sized amount and massage the infected and surrounding area.  For best results, lightly massage the cream onto clean skin twice a day.

Avoid direct application to open cuts and wounds and massage the surrounding area only.